A copyright is any expression which owes its origin to the author – for instance, an essay, song, photograph or a computer graphic and any other original work of authorship can be protected under the copyright law. Unlike other IP rights, such as trademarks and patents, an exclusive ownership right accrues as soon as the original work of authorship is manifested in a tangible or material form. Thereafter, such work can only be used by the original owner. The owner has the exclusive right to reproduce, distribute, perform and display the work publicly.  


The main international legal instrument dealing with copyrights is the Berne Convention. More than 190 countries are signatory to the convention. The Berne Convention establishes a general and minimum period that lasts the life of the author and fifty years after the author’s death. Cinematographic works and photographic works have a minimum period of protection of 50 and 25 years upon the date of creation, respectively. This applies to any country that has signed the Berne Convention, and these are just the minimum periods of protection. A member country is entitled to establish greater periods of protection, but never less than what has been established by the Berne Convention.

Although a copyright is automatically created, it is highly advisable to secure registered rights. One of the most compelling advantage of a copyright registration is the ease with which the concerned right can be proved in case of a conflict.

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Our patent practitioners are involved in assisting our clients from the conception of an invention through patent issuance. Our extensive knowledge of the Patent and Trademark Office’s policies and procedures gives us the ability to properly inform our clients regarding methods for achieving their overall strategic goals through aggressive representation.

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  1. Expert counseling and advising
  2. Drafting Patent specifications, claims and preparing drawings
  3. Preparation and prosecution of applications for registration
  4. Protection against infringement and passing off
  5. Protection against counterfeiting, piracy and unfair trade practices
  6. IP due diligence in the acquisition of IPR, mergers, and acquisitions
  7. Litigations
  8. Licensing, Technology Transfer and Joint Ventures
  9. Internet law, Domain Name management and protection
  10. Alternative Dispute Resolution